Pay Day Loans

Pay Day Loans

Selfish is something qualified. If you would take a lot of cash loans for this service, then it might be selfish. But if somebody would do it for normal profit, it would even still be payday loan online legal. But Dignitas is not working for profit. We are an association, and the association does not make profit. If we make profit, we will take this profit in order to have a higher quality of our services and cash loans in order to help with suicide prevention, because the real problem in society is not the case that people are asking to have the freedom to go.

The real problem is the suicidal problem in our society and that we have huge numbers of suicides and 50 times higher numbers of suicide attempts, and nobody is looking at that. We take that for usual. I think this shouldn't be. But we all know that suicide happens. When you are saying that suicide should not happen, you make a taboo of suicide. So somebody who has suicidal ideas has no possibility to speak to other persons for fear to lose his face.

If he would speak to a doctor, he has even the fear to lose the freedom. So we should change the starting point of suicide prevention, saying suicide is a marvelous possibility for a human being to withdraw themselves from a situation which is unbearable.

But normally somebody who is in this situation has no means to control the situation.

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